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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Wishlist

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Samsung has been consistently hitting it out of the ballpark for the past couple of years. The Samsung Note 9 was definitely the smartphone to beat, a real flagship phone in every sense of the word. That being said, there is definitely still some room for improvements going forward. This article presents readers with a couple of things we want to see come August 2019 when the new model is finally released. You can find a great guide at devicedictionary.com.

An Affordable Price
Perhaps one of the biggest problems surrounding the Note 9 is its hefty price tag. There is simply no way around it: the Note 9 is indeed extremely pricey. If we are being realistic, the successor will most likely be on the same price range. However, we are wishing for Samsung to come to their senses and shave off a hundred dollars or more.
This may seem like an unlikely development but it would certainly be welcome. Doing so would make the Note 10 that much more appealing and accessible to a wider audience. After all, the price tag is a major consideration for most people. So, it would only make sense for Samsung to adjust accordingly without compromising the integrity of the brand.

The Bixby Button
Google Assistant has certainly become one of the most efficient aspects of android phones. Of course, like any other major brand, Samsung has the perennial need to pounce on every opportunity that comes its way. The virtual assistant game is certainly no exception – with Apple developing Siri and Amazon coming up with Alexa. Now, Samsung has come up with an answer of its own in the form of Bixby.

Unfortunately, this is one of the brand’s weak points. With Google being lightyears ahead of Bixby, it can be a bit annoying having a button solely dedicated to it. That is why we are begging Samsung to make that button customizable or simply remove it.

Better Video Recording Capabilities
Alright, before anything else, we should state here that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s camera was certainly nothing to scoff about. However, it is also worth noting that most phones in this price range have HDR video capabilities, something the Note 10’s predecessor simply does not support.

Since we are talking about our camera wishlist, we are also hoping that the new model not only support HDR, but also 4K HDR. If this were to happen, we would certainly be over the moon and Samsung would have another notch in its belt said Katie who reviews recliner chairs and other items

A Revamped Look
While there have been a number of purported leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, one thing is clear: we have no idea what its final design will be like. While there is no denying that the previous Galaxy Note sported a sleek look, one can hardly call it unique. It sports a design that is extremely similar to other smartphones in the market.

Hopefully, the folks over at Samsung can come up with something fresh and modern.

These are just a few of the things we wish to see from the new Samsung model come August 2019.

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