Back in May, I posted the following announcement about the forum closing..

"After my daughter was born with talipes, this site and forum slowly took shape.. and I like to think that it has offered a lot of help and support over the years.

However, to give the forum the attention it deserves takes a lot of time.. something I no longer have.

Aside from encouraging discussion, and keeping an eye out for spammers, the main concern is that fact that the software used has had a major change. I don't have the time to go through the update process, and get used to the new features.. and to leave this version running will eventually become a security risk to the server.

I will leave things running for a while, but I wanted to give enough warning, so that members can access any information that they need.

STEPS have a discussion forum, which I'm sure you will all find very useful.."

I have been holding back on this, partly because I wanted to allow visitors enough time to collect in useful information and contacts, partly due to time constraints, and partly because I was sad to see it go. Unfortunately the forum software was in fact compromised over the past few days, and the whole site needed to be closed whilst that was dealt with.

Thanks to these selfish people, the decision has now been forced, and I will need to remove the software. I do hope that the length of warning has allowed members to collect in what they need, and I'm sure that the STEPS forum will be a great resource.

Michelle (Site Owner)

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