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Follow Up

On the 2nd December, 1999, we went in for the second hospital stay, this time for removal of the stitches, plus a plaster change. I left Bethany in the safe hands of the anaesthetist yet again, and went off to have some breakfast. By the time I had finished eating, she was ready to be collected from recovery. Well, to be honest, it was more a case of having to go down, to try to calm her down!

My little girl wasn't so dopey this time, and was instead, very hungry and very upset! Our surgeon came out, and said that the foot had looked very good. She then said the magic words - that we could go home soon!!

Back on the ward, Bethany had some formula, and was soon asleep. She was much more cheerful when she awoke, and we were soon allowed home. We have an appointment for 17th January, when the cast will be removed. It will then be decided if further treatment is required.

Plaster Removal

Bethany's new foot! Well, this was the day we'd been waiting for! Surprisingly, Bethany hardly cried as her plaster was cut off, although she did look very worried a couple of times!

It was a great relief to see a straight looking foot, that Bethany was able move around. We went back up to see the consultant, who was extremely pleased. We are to go back in 9 weeks, for a check, but there does not appear to be any need for further treatment.

The foot is still a slightly different shape, and it does appear to be very slightly smaller, although this is not noticeable. Bethany is already standing on it, albeit cautiously, and we are now awaiting her first steps, like any proud parents!

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