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On Wednesday, 17th November, we were admitted to Kings College Hospital, for surgery the next morning. All was going well until two doctors came in to take some blood from Bethany! Then we had some tears!!

At 8:30 the following morning, we took the walk to the theatres. Bethany sat on my lap, and the anaesthetist put the mask in front of her. She struggled a little, but otherwise was very good. After a quick kiss, I left her in their hands, and went back for the long wait.

First drink!Three hours later, Bethany was ready in recovery, so myself and my husband went down to collect her. She was curled up on the nurses lap, looking very dozy, and it was such a relief to take her in my arms, and kiss her again!

Back on the ward, Bethany enjoyed cuddles from us, and her Nan! At one point she seemed uncomfortable, but soon settled after some paracetamol. She took some water, and later on, some milk.

That evening we put her to bed, and she cried out whenever she tried to turn over. It was a frustrated cry, and she was soon asleep again, but it was still upsetting to hear! At around midnight, she slipped into a deeper sleep, and I managed to get some rest as well!

The following morning, we saw the surgeon, and the great news was that the correction had gone very well. In two weeks she'll need another small operation to remove the stitches, and plaster the foot in a fully corrected position. When this comes off, in a further 6 weeks, she feels that no further treatment will be required. That was the best news I'd heard for a long time!! Standing!

Following this we went down to the plaster room, and the backslab (half plaster) was made into a full one, whilst Bethany tried to share her chip with the nurse!! When this was done, we packed up, said our thanks, and made our way home!

Bethany was crawling around the next day, and, as you can see, is not letting a little thing like a plaster slow her down!!

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