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If your child has to stay in hospital for surgery, this can be a new and frightening experience for most parents. It is often difficult to know what you need to take in with you, and what is supplied.

This has been discussed many times on the clubfoot list, and I can also draw on my own experience. The general opinion is to take in anything you feel your child may need, plus some items for yourself. There are some ideas below.

Don't Forget Mum or Dad!

Don't forget those things that can make you stay more comfortable too:

Clothing - This needs to be comfortable. If you don't wear thick pyjama's you may want to take a jog suit to sleep in!! And don't forget those toiletries!

Money - Take plenty of loose change, for both the phone and the vending machines.

Food - Take some snack food, as it wasn't always that easy to get food. Find out the canteen opening hours when you get there. It is also a good idea to take a mug and some tea bags - these aren't always available and a cup of tea can be so welcome!

Extra's - Thankfully there were actually times when Bethany was asleep, so I took a book and a tiny radio. Both were useful!

As a final point, if your hospital offers pre-operative visits, try to attend. You can get an idea of what is and isn't available.

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