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If your child has to stay in hospital for surgery, this can be a new and frightening experience for most parents. It is often difficult to know what you need to take in with you, and what is supplied.

This has been discussed many times on the clubfoot list, and I can also draw on my own experience. The general opinion is to take in anything you feel your child may need, plus some items for yourself. There are some ideas below.

For Your Child

This will depend on the age of your child, but the following may be useful:

Changing items - It is hard to know what will be available, so I suggest taking nappies, as well as your usual wipes, creams etc.

Feeding - If your child is used to a particular bottle, take those along. I also took some cartons of milk - every hospital should supply this, but it may not be what your child is used to.

If your child is eating solid food, try to take something along for them. It meant we could give Bethany something to eat when she wanted it, not when the food trolley came along. This included a couple of jars, as well as some snacks! (We also took spoons as she was used to our soft ones!)

Clothing - You will only need 'day clothes' when it's time to come home. Bethany stayed in sleep-suits whilst she was in - this worked for us as she only had one foot casted. Don't forget that clothes have to be loose - those casts can be very bulky.

Comfort - Don't forget things like dummies (pacifiers), favourite blankets and of course any favourite toys! Anything to make your child more relaxed.

Also, if your child is still young, and prone to colic, take along any drops you find useful. Again, if your child is teething, take your teething gel - this type of thing is not easily available in the middle of the night!

One item we found invaluable was the pushchair (stroller). It makes it easy to get round the hospital, and at one point, it was the only place we could get Bethany to sleep.

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